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Flo-Direct® Gas Fired Water Heaters

Flo-Direct<sup>®</sup> Gas Fired Water Heaters

Product Specifications

Model Flo-Direct® Gas Fired Water Heaters
Maximum Inlet Water Temperature 120°F (49°C)
Minimum Inlet Water
32°F (0°C)
Maximum Effective
Outlet Temperature
185°F (85°C)
Gas Supply Pressure 2-6 psig (.14-.41 bar)

Flo-Direct® Gas Fired Water Heaters

Flo-Direct® Gas-Fired Water Heaters are a series of high-efficiency, compact, stainless-steel water heaters. The Flo-Direct® series is remarkably dependable, simple in design and operation, and suitable for a wide variety of hot-water applications.

Flo-Direct® is available in standard operating capacities between 1 million and 10 million BTU per hour, and systems can be customized for capacity up to 60+ million BTU per hour.

An Armstrong Flo-Direct® often delivers fuel savings as high as 30-60% when compared to steam/water heating systems; and consistently delivers efficient, long-lasting, and reliable performance.

The Armstrong Flo-Direct® is the product of choice for companies seeking to achieve Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) goals and reduced carbon footprint objectives for large scale water heating.