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Intelligent Thermal Utilities Solutions For Your Industry

From a Global Leader In Energy Management—and Enjoyable Experiences

Hydrocarbon / Chemical

Global Experience In Hydrocarbon Refining and Chemical Processing

Armstrong offers steam and condensate optimization to boost your productivity, reduce energy use, and maximize safety, efficiency and reliability.

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Food & Beverage

Global Experience in Food and Beverage

Armstrong’s advanced thermal utility solutions are engineered to help you boost productivity, increase safety, and reduce energy use and emissions.

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Global Experience for the Pharma Industry

As experts in thermal utilities and plant steam, Armstrong can help you maximize productivity and efficiency, increase safety, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Global Experience in Healthcare

Groundbreaking solutions to help you meet CMS requirements while increasing efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of your inpatient, outpatient and long-term care facilities.

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Higher Education

Armstrong’s Experience In Higher Education

Thermal utility products and services designed to maximize efficiency and sustainability for colleges and universities of all sizes.

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Global Experience in Hospitality

Armstrong can help you improve guest satisfaction and safety, and reduce energy use and emissions for one hotel or locations throughout the world.

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Bringing Net Zero Within Reach

Armstrong Makes It Easier With a Roadmap to Decarbonization, Tailored for Your Facilities and Industry

As the call to combat climate change gains momentum and the world moves towards decarbonization, net zero has become our shared destination. Armstrong has been helping companies improve efficiency, lower energy use and reduce environmental emissions for over a century. We’re global leaders in thermal utility management and we can help you reach your net-zero goal more seamlessly than anyone in the world.

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Renewable Thermal Collaborative logo

Armstrong proudly supports the work of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC).

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Armstrong Breaks Ground on New Industrial Heat Pump Manufacturing Facility

Armstrong International has commenced construction on a new 29,000-square-foot industrial heat pump manufacturing wing at its Three Rivers, Michigan campus. Supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Heat Pump Defense Production Act Program, the facility will enhance Armstrong’s capacity to produce specialized heat pumps for high-demand applications in the United States.

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Trap Management is a Critical Step in Your Roadmap to Decarbonization

Leading-Edge Technology, Software, Equipment and Services for Sustainable, Proactive Trap Management

Our proven, best-in-class trap management methodology is engineered to maintain low trap failure rates, which can lower your energy use and environmental emissions, reduce production stoppages, and increase efficiency and safety.

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Circular Thermal is at the Heart of Armstrong’s Decarbonization Methodology

Armstrong links your heating and cooling systems to help you recover wasted heat and put it to work in your industrial process. Circular Thermal℠ significantly improves the thermal efficiency of your site, reduces your need for primary energy, and eliminates carbon from your process.

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EvaPack™ is UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified

Armstrong’s EvaPack™ evaporative media has received GREENGUARD Gold Certification from UL (Underwriters Laboratories), an independent certification body and global leader in safety science.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification ensures that EvaPack™ Adiabatic Cooling meets the world’s strictest criteria for protecting human health from exposure to harmful chemical emissions and VOCs in indoor environments.

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Armstrong nanobubble generator

Armstrong Nanobubble Generator

Armstrong brings you a sustainable, cost-effective solution, proven to remove scale and inhibit new mineral buildup within industrial process and commercial/institutional hot water systems. The result is a clean hot water system that performs more efficiently, has a longer lifespan, and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

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TVS 6000UD

TVS 6000UD

Our unique trap valve station helps you minimize energy use and optimize your system for maximum efficiency.

Armstrong’s compact, double-isolation-and-bleed trap valve station eliminates risk, improves safety and saves space while allowing simpler steam trap testing and quick, easy trap replacement with no need for a system shutdown.

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SAGE UMT® Automatic, Wireless Trap Tester

SAGE UMT® Automatic, Wireless Trap Tester

SAGE UMT® is a fundamental tool in your complete trap management program.

Armstrong’s state-of-the-art trap testing device allows any steam trap technician to survey traps quickly, easily and accurately while information syncs seamless to SAGE®.

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