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Testing traps is as easy as pressing a button with Armstrong International’s SAGE UMT® Automatic Steam Trap Tester.

Armstrong’s state-of-the-art, wireless, handheld testing device eliminates human error and raises the quality of steam trap testing to a new level. SAGE UMT® makes it easy for any steam trap technician to survey your trap population quickly and accurately, on a regular basis.

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SAGE UMT® is a Fundamental Tool in Your Complete Trap Management Program

Armstrong’s SAGE UMT®, used in conjunction with SAGE® Smart Steam System Management platform, is the most comprehensive and advanced trap management program in the industry.

  • Detects traps in good, cold and blow-through condition
  • Piezoelectric acoustic sensor, developed and tuned specifically for the unique conditions found in steam traps
  • Non-contact infrared temperature sensor
  • RFID technology significantly reduces the time required to locate and identify traps
  • SAGE UMT® works seamlessly with SAGE® Mobile and SAGE® Smart Thermal Utility System Management platform
  • Data is uploaded to the cloud by SAGE® for secure storage and automated backups
  • Customers own their own data
  • Use SAGE UMT® for 10 hours or more before recharging; charge is restored to 90% within 2.5 hours
  • Easy-to-hold, ergonomic handle with rubberized ribbed grip
  • Convenient holster holds SAGE UMT® securely; configure for right- or left-hand use
  • Lifetime upgrades for SAGE UMT® firmware at no charge (SAGE® subscription required)

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Quick and Accurate—SAGE UMT® Works Seamlessly With SAGE® Mobile and SAGE®

SAGE UMT® syncs wirelessly to the SAGE® Mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile device. SAGE® Mobile then delivers your steam trap information directly to SAGE® Smart Utility System Management platform, eliminating the need to manually enter survey information or decipher illegible field notes. 

  • Scan a trap’s RFID tag with SAGE UMT®; SAGE® Mobile automatically opens the details for that trap
  • Press the stainless steel probe tip to the trap and press the test button
  • Test progress will be visible on both SAGE UMT® and SAGE® Mobile
  • When testing is complete, SAGE UMT® wirelessly transfers the temperature and acoustic information it has collected to SAGE® Mobile
  • SAGE® Mobile analyzes the data received from SAGE UMT® using Armstrong’s proprietary, UNFCCC-approved, steam system efficiency methodology; based on the results, SAGE® Mobile assigns a condition to the trap
  • SAGE® Mobile stores the trap’s data, automatically pushing it to SAGE® Smart Steam System Management platform
  • No internet? No problem. SAGE® Mobile stores steam trap data locally on your device and uploads it automatically to SAGE® as soon as an internet connection is available
  • SAGE® immediately uploads data to the cloud where it’s protected by high-level security and automated backups
  • Customers own their own data

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