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Whatever your industry, Armstrong International offers leading-edge equipment and technology to fulfill your most exacting demands for precision water temperature control.

As a global leader in digital hot water temperature control, Armstrong provides innovative water temperature control solutions that improve performance, efficiency, productivity, safety, compliance and energy savings for institutional and industrial process applications.

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The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve (DRV)

As a stand-alone DRV or a pre-piped digital mixing center, Armstrong’s groundbreaking digital recirculating valve improves the performance of hot water systems that use all types of water heating technologies. The Brain® works seamlessly with SAGE® Hot Water System Management platform. Available in a range of models to accommodate your specific pressure and flow rate.

The Brain® DRV25

Armstrong’s latest generation of digital hot water temperature control provides full connectivity with smartphone or tablet using SAGE® Mobile. Other advancements include simpler serviceability, self-diagnostics, notifications, higher pressure rating, programmable thermal disinfection, and no continuous flow requirement.

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The Brain® and SAGE®

SAGE® works seamlessly with The Brain® as it analyzes data to track behavior and performance as an integral component of a hot water system operation protocol which complies with a Standard of Care to minimize the risk of scald injury, Legionella-related illness and the associated litigation. Armstrong’s digital hot water solutions, including The Brain®, are all available SAGE®-enabled.

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Rada Digital Faucets

Armstrong brings the unparalleled accuracy, stability and safety of The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valve to a point-of-use solution—engineered to mitigate the growth and spread of healthcare-associated infections and waterborne pathogens, and minimize the risk of scalding injury. Rada Digital Faucets are designed specifically for hospital efficiency and the health and safety of patients and staff, for a superior level of handwashing safety and infection control in healthcare applications.

Rada Digital Faucets and SAGE®

Configuring your Rada Digital Faucets with the SAGE® Mobile App provides convenient access to real-time data on faucet usage and temperatures, and the ability to perform system flushes and disinfections.

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Armada℠ – Digital Solutions for Healthy Hot Water

Armada℠ is an end-to-end domestic hot water system that offers best-in-class user safety, infection control and compliance—from mechanical room to point of use. Through leading-edge hot water generation, master mixing, and point-of-use control, Armada℠ mitigates the incubation of waterborne pathogens, prevents scalding, and provides real-time insights and historical reporting capabilities that comply with CMS, ASHRAE and other regulatory standards.

The complete Armada℠ system includes Armstrong water heaters, The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valves, Rada Digital Faucets, and SAGE® monitoring, measuring and reporting software.

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Emech® Digital Control Valves and Industrial Mixing Center

Emech® digital control technology delivers and maintains water at precisely the desired temperature (+/-1°F, +/-0.5°C)—hot or chilled—immediately on demand. Compared to traditional mixing and control valve systems, Emech® offers a superior performance in terms of speed, precision and reduced mechanical wear.

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