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Nano Bubble Generator

A cost-effective, sustainable solution, proven to remove scale and inhibit new buildup in hot water systems.

From the company with over a century of steam and hot water system innovation comes a proven solution for the inhibition and removal of scale in hot water systems—the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator. This patent-pending technology was developed specifically to address mineral deposition on pipework and critical equipment within industrial process and commercial/institutional hot water systems.

A Critical Component of Your Healthy Hot Water System

The Armstrong Nanobubble Generator is easily installed, has no moving parts, requires no maintenance or additional electrical inputs, and uses no chemicals. Whether it’s on a heat exchanger or strategically placed within the hot water piping infrastructure to address the entire system, the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator significantly reduces scale, which improves the overall health of the hot water system and drives operational efficiencies, leading to a smaller carbon footprint.

As Part of Armada℠ Digital Hot Water System Solutions, the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator supports industry-leading sustainability.

Armstrong Nanobubble Generator Brochure

Proven Outcomes of Armstrong Nanobubble Generator Use

  • Improved heat transfer (equipment operates more efficiently)
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs
  • Extended equipment life resulting in lower capital expenditure
  • Reduced CIP frequency and associated labor costs
  • Increased chemical efficiency

View Armstrong Nanobubble Generator Case Studies

Heat Exchanger Tube

Heat exchanger tube before and after nanobubble generator

Cooling Tower

Process Water

Process water before and after nanobubble generator

Food Processing Tank

Inside pipe before and after nanobubble generator

How Does It Work?

The Armstrong Nanobubble Generator transforms existing, non condensable gases naturally present in the water into an abundance of nanoscopic bubbles through a static, side stream application. The nanobubbles flow throughout the hot water system, naturally removing existing deposits and inhibiting the formation of scale, without adding anything to the water.

Ordinary Bubbles

Ordinary bubbles graphical representation


Bubble representation graphic of nanobubble generator generated bubbles