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Armada℠ digital solutions for healthy hot water

The success of your domestic water safety management plan begins here.

The company that introduced digital water temperature control to the world brings you Armada℠, a truly digital solution to deliver safe, healthy hot water for your facility, from mechanical room to point of use.

Only Armstrong International offers a digital solution designed specifically for a recirculating domestic hot water system. Armada℠ combines the power of Armstrong’s exhaustive knowledge and expertise with our industry-leading hot water technology, tools and software to address critical elements of your domestic water safety management plan.

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Armada℠ – One Solution Does It All

Armstrong’s products are optimized for performance and designed to work together or individually. This gives us the flexibility to engineer your Armada℠ solution to meet the toughest requirements and standards.

Armada icon - Best-In-Class Infection Control

Best-In-Class Infection Control

Precise digital temperature control, bacterial-resistant design, and automated fixture flushing to evacuate idle water, inhibit biofilm deposition and reduce incubation potential for Legionella and other waterborne pathogens within your hot water system.

Armada icon - Regulatory and Organizational Compliance

Regulatory and Organizational Compliance

Accurate monitoring, real-time insights and historical data reporting support your compliance with Standards of Care that promote a healthy hot water system.

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Armada icon - Superior Scald Protection

Superior Scald Protection

Precise digital water temperature control from mechanical room to point of use ensures reliable, healthy hot water for your guests, patients, customers and staff at consistent temperatures to reduce risks of scald injury and thermal shock.

Armada icon - Industry-Leading Sustainability

Industry-Leading Sustainability

High-efficiency, on-demand water heating with on-board digital water temperature control and non-fossil fueled fired options satisfies hot water requirements and reduces your carbon footprint. Innovative scale inhibition technology optimizes system performance to improve sustainability metrics.

Engineered for Your Facility, Mechanical Room and Industry

Whether it’s a single product or a complete system, your Armada℠ solution will include only what’s appropriate for your unique needs. Each custom Armada℠ solution may include one or more of the following, as well as other hardworking products from our vast range of best-in-class hot water system solutions.

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Armstrong Heat Pump Packages

Built for your specific project and application, Armstrong water source heat pumps redeploy the waste heat from your central HVAC system and other sources to generate hot water—without burning fossil fuel onsite. While gas-fired equipment remains a preferred water heating solution for some projects, others can benefit from a hybrid solution that leverages both gas and heat pump energy.

Armstrong heat pumps are a packaged solution that offer significant advantages, including:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Lower energy consumption
  • High COP
  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuel

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Ascend® High-Efficiency, On-Demand, Gas-Fired Water Heater With The Brain® on Board

With The Brain® on board, Ascend® provides the world’s first fully integrated, single footprint, tankless hot water generation and water temperature control solution compliant with ASSE 1017.

  • Precise +/- 2°F hot water system temperature control
  • Ensures water temperature is raised above the threshold for Legionella survival
  • Tankless system reduces Legionella incubation risk
  • Delivers operating efficiencies as high as 99.8%
  • High-efficiency design delivers more hot water while consuming less fossil fuel
  • Digital intuitive user interface

Proven Scale Removal and Inhibition

The Armstrong Nanobubble Generator—a Critical Component of a Clean, Healthy Commercial/Institutional Hot Water System

The Armstrong Nanobubble Generator is a cost-effective, sustainable solution, proven to remove and inhibit scale within industrial process and commercial/institutional hot water systems.

This patent-pending technology cleans your hot water system, resulting in better operational efficiency, less maintenance, longer lifespan for equipment, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Outcomes of Armstrong Nanobubble Generator use include:

  • Improved heat transfer (equipment operates more efficiently)
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs
  • Extended equipment life resulting in lower capital expenditure
  • Reduced CIP frequency and associated labor costs
  • Increased chemical efficiency

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The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valves

Engineered exclusively for continuously recirculated hot water systems, The Brain® improves performance and safety by delivering hot water at a consistent, pre-set temperature to the points of use. Armstrong’s groundbreaking digital technology resists temperature creep during periods of zero system demand, eliminating the requirement for manual throttling valves, supplementary RTD or a temperature actuated switch to control the pump.

Available in a range of sizes to accommodate your hot water system dynamics.

  • Resists temperature creep during periods of zero demand
  • +/- 2°F / 1°C control
  • 1°F / 1°C minimum system temperature loss
  • Over temperature and power failure shutoff; emergency mode
  • Component self-diagnostics
  • Programmable temperature alerts, set point, and thermal disinfection
  • Supports implementation of energy-efficient, low temperature loss systems
  • Integral BACnet connectivity

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SAGE® Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting Software

SAGE® software monitors, records and documents data as a critical component of a water safety management plan.

SAGE® works seamlessly with several building automation system protocols, or it can be used on a mobile device with a purchased subscription.

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Sense™ Hands-Free Digital Water Temperature Controls

Sense™ is a Bluetooth programmable concealed point-of-use digital mixing valve supplied with a wall surface mount sensor for hands free control of water temperature and flow.

  • Digital duty flush limits waterborne pathogen growth
  • Pre-set temperature and flow reduce water and energy usage while protecting users from scalding

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Standards of Care

A Standard of Care is defined as acknowledged applicable laws, standards, and guidelines.

The OSHA Technical Manual, NAESM Management of Legionella in Buildings, ASHRAE 188, ASHRAE 12, ASPE Engineering Methodologies to Reduce the Risk of Legionella in Premise Plumbing Systems and VA Directive 1061 are all Standards of Care which include critical recommendations for establishing and monitoring hot water system temperature control limits.

There are also recommendations within these Standards of Care for thermal disinfection and fixture flushing to evacuate idle water protocols which Armstrong can help you address.

SAGE® Smart Hot Water System Monitoring & Documentation Brochure


Reducing the Risk

Following a Standard of Care can minimize the risk of scald injury, Legionella-related illness and the associated litigation.

“Compliance with the new ASHRAE standard likely will be viewed by courts as the standard of care in personal injury lawsuits involving exposure to Legionella. Adopting industry standard practices and complying with applicable law is the best defense. Conversely failure to follow such standards and legal requirements could expose building owners and operators to potentially significant liability.” ( July 2016)

“Former guests of the Las Vegas Aria Resort & Casino can’t seek punitive damages in a case alleging they contracted Legionnaires’ disease from the hotel’s water system, because management took adequate water safety steps, a Nevada federal judge ruled Monday.” (Law 360 Legal News Service, 2015)


ASHRAE Guideline 12-2000

4.1.6 Recommended Treatment. Hot water stored above 140°F (60°C), minimum recirculated return 124°F (51°C).


ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems

6.1.3 Control Limits. Establish limits within which a chemical or physical parameter must be monitored and maintained.

6.1.4 Monitoring. Establish a system for monitoring the parameters associated with the control limits established in 6.1.3.

6.1.7 Documentation and Recordkeeping. Establish documentation and maintain records.

Armstrong’s Multi-Zone Hot Water System—Built for the Information Age

We’ve combined our state-of-the-art technology with system design for a simpler, smaller, multi-zone digital plumbing system that dramatically improves compliance with today’s Standards of Care. Armstrong’s multi-zone hot water system includes The Brain® digital water temperature control, SAGE® monitoring and documentation software, and Armstrong  water heaters.

Illustration of Armstrong’s Multi-Zone Solution

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