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VERIS Verabar®

VERIS Verabar<sup>®</sup>

Product Specifications

Model Components Type of Mounting
Regular Models V100 Threaded Tube Fitting Single Support
V110 Threaded Tube Fitting Double Support
V150 Threaded Spring-Lock No opposite support required
Hot Tap Models V200 Threaded or Flanged Threaded Screw Drive
V400 Threaded or Flanged Flanged Screw Drive
Flanged Models V500 Flanged Flanged Single Support
V510 Flanged Flanged Double Support
V550 Flanged Flanged Spring-Lock No opposite support required


VERIS Verabar®

The Verabar® provides the most accurate, reliable technology for measuring gas, liquid and steam as well as the lowest operating and installation costs.

How it Works

When a fluid impacts the sensor, it creates a high-pressure zone in front of the sensor. As the fluid accelerates around the sensor, a low-pressure zone is created to the sides and rear of the sensor.  Multiple sensing ports are positioned in these high and low-pressure zones and an averaged differential pressure is measured.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior performance in dirty fluids
  • Stable signal
  • Low permanent pressure loss
  • Solid one-piece construction
  • ± 1% accuracy


Clogging can occur in low-pressure ports located in or near the partial vacuum at the rear of the sensor. The VERIS Verabar® design locates the low-pressure ports on the sides of the sensor, forward of the fluid separation point and turbulent wake area. This virtually eliminates clogging and produces an extremely stable signal.


This eliminates the need for calibration tests to characterize the coefficients. Empirical test data from independent laboratories is published in the VERIS Verabar® Flow Test Report (VED-100).


Ready to install, the VERIS Verabar® can be ordered with a manifold, transmitter or local indicating meter, flow computer and/or recorder. Complete Installation in less than an hour.


  • IBR
  • NIBR