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Trap Valve Station – TVS-1100

Trap Valve Station – TVS-1100

Product Specifications

Model TVS 1100
Capacities 20000 kg/hr
(9072 kg/hr)
Maximum Allowable Pressure 580 psig
(40 bar)
Maximum Allowable Temperature 662°F
Body Material ASTM A105
Carbon Steel
Maximum Operating Pressure 650 psig
(45 bar)
Connection Type Screwed,
Connection Size 1/2″ (15 mm)
3/4″ (20 mm)

Trap Valve Station – TVS-1100

TVS-1100 features an integral piston-style isolation valve, stainless steel strainer and bimetallic steam trap. The space-saving design of the TVS-1100 greatly reduces the number of potential leak points, cuts installation time and expense, and provides years of dependable steam isolation service.

The Armstrong TVS-1100 Series bimetallic steam trap with integral isolation valve incorporates advanced piston sealing technology and a compact design for safer, longer lasting steam isolation service.

  • Single valve operation. Eliminates the need for ancillary isolation valve, reducing the number of potential leak points,and providing a compact, space-saving design.
  • Dual sealing action. The piston valve is a seatless valve that includes two graphite and stainless steel valve sealing rings that seal the stem and function as a seat. This combination provides long-term protection against leaks to the atmosphereand downstream piping.
  • Integral strainer. Eliminates dirt and particulate from steam during operation.
  • Bimetallic air vent capsule. Easily removes air and condensate during start-up.
  • Sealing Integrity. Flexible disc springs automatically provide leak tightness by exerting pressure, which keeps the upper and lower valve sealing rings compressed at all times. Sealing tightness is ensured by the compression of the sealing rings against the piston and valve body.
  • In-line repairability. All sealing valve components may be easily replaced in-line.
  • Long-term operation. Piston valve design ensures actuation even after many years without operation.



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