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Humidifier Operators

Humidifier Operators

Product Specifications

Model Armstrong C-1801 Johnson Control VA7830
Power Pneumatic Electric

Humidifier Operators

The humidifier operator for the metering valve is as important as the valve itself. Armstrong offers several operators to provide compatibility with the system in which they are installed.

The operator must be able to position the valve in very nearly identical relationship to the seat on both opening and closing strokes. This is essential to provide consistent, accurate metering of steam discharged by the humidifier.


  • Armstrong C-1801 – A pneumatic operator frequently used for humidifiers under modulating control, featuring adjustable start points and various air-pressure ranges.
  • Johnson Control Electric Operator – The Johnson Control Model VA7830 Electric Operator is a standard electric operator for conditioned steam humidifiers (24V 50Hz).