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Trap Valve Station – TVS-5000

Trap Valve Station – TVS-5000

Product Specifications


Model TVS 5000
Maximum Allowable Pressure 650 psig
(45 bar)
Maximum Allowable Temperature 600°F
Body Material ASTM A350 LF2
Carbon Steel
Maximum Operating Pressure 650 psig
(45 bar)
Connection Type Screwed,
Connection Size 1/2″ (15 mm)
3/4″ (20 mm)

Trap Valve Station – TVS-5000

The TVS-5000 trap valve station is designed as a one piece body, equipped with a piston valve(s) combined with a removable steam trap mounted with a connecting flange.

The TVS-5000 connector accepts inverted bucket, disc, thermostatic, thermostatic wafer, bimetallic, and float and thermostatic steam traps. And any other manufacturer’s 2-bolt steam trap can also be applied to the TVS-5000 connector.


  • EIL
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