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Removable Thermal Insulation

Removable Thermal Insulation

Product Specifications

MATERIAL  Outer protective cover  Internal Coating 
STYLE  F-500  A-600 
FINISH  Z.Tuff Sillicone  Zetex 
FIBRE TYPE  Filament Fiberglass  Texturized Fiberglass 
WEAVE  4H Satin  1×1 Plain 
WEIGHT  15.00 oz/sq yd  17.71 oz/sq yd 
THICKNESS  18 mils  60.00 in 
PEAK TEMP  1000°F  1300°F 
OPERATING TEMP  500°F  1000°F 
Chemical Analysis (wt.%) 
SiO2  53.0 – 58.0 
Al2O3  42.0 – 47.0 
Alkalis  <0.25 
Fe2O3 + TiO2  <0.2 
Physical Properties 
Color  White 
Classification Temperature  2282°F 
Melting Point  3200°F 
Average Fiber Diameter  3.25 microns 
Specific Heat at 1832°F  0.00023 BTU/lb°F 
Operating Information 
Average Temperature  1112°F 
Thermal Conductivity  0.071 W/yd°F 
Tensile Strength  7.975 psi 

Removable Thermal Insulation

The Removable Thermal Insulation provides a comprehensive solution by significantly reducing heat loss through radiation and convection in the overall steam system, optimizing energy usage, resulting in sustained reduction of operational costs and CO2 emissions over time. Its composition includes a robust and waterproof external protective cover, insulating ceramic fiber fill, and non-flammable internal coating, ensuring efficient heat retention and guaranteeing the safety of personnel exposed to physical contact with the equipment. Customization of these insulations ensures solutions tailored to the specific needs of each installation, supported by high-quality materials and specialized craftsmanship contributing to energy efficiency and the sustainable future of industrial operations.

Only available in Mexico.


  • External protective cover with silicone and PTFE fabrics, providing exceptional resistance to chemicals, abrasion, moisture, and heat. 
    • Silicone offers a pliable and abrasion-resistant coating with increased UV, water, and abrasion resistance. 
    • PTFE is a smooth, non-reactive coating commonly known as Teflon®. PTFE fabrics are ideal for applications requiring increased hardness and chemical resistance.  
  • Insulating ceramic fiber filling for efficient heat retention, providing: 
    • Stability at high temperatures 
    • Low thermal conductivity and heat storage 
    • High tensile strength and elasticity 
    • Resistance to thermal shocks and chemical attacks 
    • Good sound absorption  
  • Internal lining with a specially designed textured fabric for high temperatures, offering superior insulation capacity and effective protection against heat and fire. 
  • Custom-designed based on the brand and model of the equipment to be insulated, operating temperature, climatic conditions, and maintenance frequency, handcrafted for a perfect fit. 
  • Truly reusable solutions, not just removable.  
  • Three-layer self-contained insulation that prevents direct contact of ceramic fiber with the equipment, ensuring durability.  
  • Guaranteed for up to 10 years.  
  • Designed for a lifespan of 15 years with low maintenance costs. 
  • Utilizes fastening screws and Kevlar® thread seams for genuinely self-contained insulation capable of withstanding adverse conditions.  
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, extreme sun exposure, and extreme climates, with integral adjustment systems using Velcro® and double ring; all accessories are made of stainless steel. 
  • Low maintenance for uncomplicated operation.  
  • Prevents heat loss through radiation in industrial systems.  
  • Facilitates efficient installation and removal, streamlining maintenance.  
  • User-friendly design providing accessibility for inspections, services, and repairs, ensuring personnel safety by preventing burns from equipment contact. 


Primarily used in equipment posing challenges for insulation, with a history of difficult access during maintenance, inspection, and repair. It contributes to energy efficiency and financial savings, reducing pollutant emissions into the environment (CO2, NOX), and fostering a safer and more comfortable working environment. 

Applicable to equipment such as shut-off valves, pressure, and temperature control valves, check valves, filters, steam traps, pumps and condensate tanks, flow meters, moisture separators, distribution heads, heat exchangers, flange assemblies, among others.