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Inverted Bucket Steam Trap – IB-4500 Series

Inverted Bucket Steam Trap – IB-4500 Series

Product Specifications

Model IB-4500
Capacities To 1300 lb/hr
(590 kg/hr)
Maximum Allowable Pressure 1,000 psig @ 800°F
(69 barg @ 427°C)
Maximum Allowable Temperature 800°F
Body Material ASTM A-351 GR. CF8M
Stainless Steel
Maximum Operating Pressure 1000 psig
(69 barg)
Connection Type Screwed,
Connection Size 3/4″ (20 mm)
1″ (25 mm)

Inverted Bucket Steam Trap – IB-4500 Series

IB-4500 Series inverted bucket steam traps are made for overcoming the difficult combination of superheat and high pressure and low load service.

To survive this most severe steam service, Armstrong created an inverted bucket trap with a unique accumulation chamber. The chamber collects sufficient condensate to ensure full discharge cycles. A cup in the chamber floats up and down on the steam inlet tube, sealing it off as the condensate level rises. At the same time as the chamber collects condensate, steam continues to flow under the bucket, making sure that the discharge valve closes tightly until the condensate rises into the trap body and the bucket falls down. The operation is on and off, no throttling or dribbling.


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