Everactive Steam Trap Monitoring | Armstrong | Americas

Discover how smart, simple and cost-effective advanced trap management can be, from Armstrong International.

Self-powered and always on, Everactive delivers continuous, real-time insight about your steam trap population. Everactive’s groundbreaking wireless technology harvests its own energy, significantly reducing wasted energy and excess emissions to support your goals for decarbonization.

  • No batteries or device maintenance
  • No high up-front costs
  • No lengthy installations or tedious integrations
  • No worries with our exceptional technical support
  • Gain insights from new data streams, real-time alerts and notifications

Take Your Trap Management Program to a Higher Level

Everactive batteryless technology is cost-effective, maintenance-free, easy to install, and compatible with all makes and models of steam traps. You’ll receive alerts on trap failures as they occur, enabling you to repair or replace failing traps before they create serious steam system issues. The groundbreaking technology offers maximum efficiency and reliability while minimizing its IT infrastructure footprint

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Decide What Works Best For You

Whether you keep a 24/7 watch over critical process traps or you want site-wide monitoring of your entire steam trap population, the choice is yours and you can do it without the headache and expense of battery maintenance.

Breakthrough Wireless Steam Trap Monitor Works Seamlessly With SAGE®

Everactive sensors transmit your trap data through dense industrial and institutional environments to SAGE®, where you can analyze real-time trap behavior, view and address failure alerts, and better manage your entire steam trap population.

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