SAGE® Hot Water System Management

SAGE<sup>®</sup> Hot Water System Management

SAGE® Hot Water System Management

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SAGE®* keeps you fully informed, 24 hours a day by providing regular updates, precise documentation, custom-filtered reports, and real-time alerts to notify you immediately of any problems that arise.

Our powerful software is the most advanced tool for smart thermal utility monitoring, measuring and reporting available today.

SAGE® raises utility system management to a groundbreaking level by enabling you to maximize equipment reliability, efficiency and safety.

SAGE® is an integral part of your complete hot water system solutions.

SAGE® was engineered to work seamlessly with all of Armstrong’s real-time monitoring products, including The Brain®.

Whatever your industry, SAGE® is the intelligent solution you need.

Whether you’re in healthcare, education, hospitality, manufacturing, hydrocarbon or chemical processing or virtually any other industry, SAGE® has the flexibility to accommodate your small company or vast, global corporation with ease.

SAGE® delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

Being informed enables you to be proactive, so SAGE® provides regular updates, custom reports and vital, real-time data, all conveniently accessible with SAGE® Dashboard. You can make smarter, swifter decisions based on timely data and deep, comprehensive insight into your utility system. SAGE® eliminates guesswork and costly surprising by alerting you instantly if an issue arises, allowing you to take immediate action.

SAGE® works harder to make your life easier.

  • Consistently supply hot water at precision-controlled temperatures
  • Maximize your equipment’s reliability, efficiency and safety
  • Customizable user experience
  • Accessible on tablets, laptops and PCs

Get started in less than 5 minutes.

Setup is quick and easy. Our experts will handle everything. Contact us and we’ll help you get started, or choose your subscription and order SAGE® by Armstrong today.

You own your data, SAGE® keeps it secure.

With SAGE®, you own your data and it is always safe and protected by high-level security. The enterprise-class cloud-managed IaaS is built on recognized technology platforms and guaranteed 99.99% uptime. Our fully hosted solution is backed by guaranteed high-level security that includes automated backups and https encryption.


* SAGE® is not related to the Sage Group PLC’s software products.