Armstrong International makes it easier with a Roadmap to Decarbonization, tailored for your facilities and industry.

As the call to combat climate change gains momentum and the world moves towards decarbonization, net zero has become our shared destination. Many companies are unsure of how to move forward and want a pragmatic, ready-to-implement solution. Although there is a systematic methodology to decarbonization, what’s right for one facility may be wrong for another. Armstrong is here to do what’s right for you.

Face the global challenge of decarbonization successfully with Armstrong at your side.

Armstrong has been helping companies improve thermal efficiency, lower energy use and reduce environmental emissions for more than a century. We’re global leaders in thermal utility management with all the experience, knowledge and insight necessary to help you minimize energy use, optimize your system, and decarbonize your facility’s primary energy sources more seamlessly than anyone in the world.

Armstrong proudly supports the work of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC)

Circular Thermal is at the Heart of Armstrong’s Decarbonization Methodology

Industrial heating and cooling systems emit a significant amount of heat that is currently being released into the environment as wasted heat. By linking your heating and cooling systems, Armstrong can help you recover that wasted heat and put it to work, right where you need it—in your industrial process. Circular Thermal℠ significantly improves the thermal efficiency of your site, reduces your need for primary energy, and eliminates carbon from your process, making it an essential part of optimization, the no-regret first step in your Roadmap to Thermal Decarbonization.

Circular Thermal℠ White Paper

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Armstrong’s Distinctively Practical, Holistic Approach

We consider your entire thermal utility system, as well as the unique requirements of your facilities, industry, and geographical location. Performing a comprehensive thermal utility analysis of your site allows us to develop and implement a pragmatic plan of action that’s specifically engineered to achieve your objectives and meet you at your point of need. Your Roadmap to Decarbonization will include thermal mapping of your facilities and all the steps necessary to:

  • Improve your production process and performance
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce environmental emissions
  • Help you reach your net-zero goal

Our Goal is to Help You Reach Yours

Armstrong is technology agnostic. We only recommend products that serve your best interests and help you achieve your goals—whether Armstrong sells them or not. So you can be confident that all the solutions we favor are those that are right for you.

Products and Services for Decarbonization and Reaching Net Zero