Armstrong International helps you improve your efficiency, safety, productivity and profitability with reliable, accurate steam trap surveys.

As an integral part of your proactive steam trap management program, regular steam trap surveys provide many advantages.

  • Evaluation of steam trap performance, such as proper functioning, leaking, plugged, cold, etc.
  • Diagnosis of the root cause of any trap failures
  • Visual assessment of valve status and condition
  • Identification of any steam system issues around traps, such as insulation defects, water hammer, condensate return, piping issues, back pressure, stall conditions, etc.

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How Do You Achieve Proactive Steam Trap Management?

By conducting frequent surveys, replacing traps as needed, and addressing the root cause of any failures, Armstrong’s trap management program helps customers significantly reduce failure rates and move into the best-in-class category of the chart.

Shown here are leakage rates for sites using SAGE® that have been surveyed by Armstrong. Only 20% of these customers utilize a true trap management program that maintains failure rates at below 5%.

Every year, 5% to 15% of the steam traps in service will fail.

Payback for replacing those failed traps is always within 6 to 10 months.


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Avoid the Costly Consequences of Irregular or Infrequent Steam Trap Testing

Accurate, consistent surveys help prevent serious issues such as: water hammer, elevated energy waste and fuel consumption, frozen lines, production stoppages and unscheduled downtime, as well as increased equipment maintenance, repair and associated hours.

The Causes of Water Hammer

Dangers of Water Hammer

Armstrong Saves You Time, Money and Energy With Three Options for Effective Steam Trap Surveys

We have the knowledge, tools and expertise necessary to help you maintain low trap failure rates and shorten the lead time between detection of an issue and replacement. By providing access to the real-time status of your steam traps, we make it possible to replace failed traps before they have a negative impact on your processes and efficiency.  Whichever option you choose, your data is owned by you and protected by the high-level security of SAGE®.

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Test your own steam traps more accurately and efficiently—Armstrong will show you how.

Armstrong’s experts can train your personnel and contractors to consistently and reliably perform more accurate, efficient steam trap surveys using state-of-the-art tools and technology.

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Armstrong’s trained, certified technicians can handle trap surveys for you.

Our technicians are steam and condensate system experts, with extensive experience in testing thousands of steam traps each year. Armstrong survey techs have met all requirements and have satisfactorily completed all the appropriate Armstrong University coursework for their level.

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