Armstrong International brings you smarter, more effective ways to save time, money and energy in hydrocarbon refining and chemical processing—without cutting corners.

Armstrong has a worldwide network of resources, devoted to solving your thermal utility problems and preventing them. We go beyond simply fixing isolated issues to determine the root cause, so you can avoid them in the first place. Our experts can design a more efficient, more advanced system that is tailored for your needs today while helping you prepare for tomorrow.

Products and Systems for HPI/CPI

System knowledge and experience this advanced can only be found at Armstrong.

Our specialists will work with you to implement and maintain proper steam and condensate system management. We’ll show you how to validate energy consumption, measure success, and take that solution to other units or areas of your plant to duplicate the achievement. Not only are we able to show you the best way to do it, we can provide you with data, case studies and other materials that support and justify the need for any changes and improvements.

Schedule an On-site System Assessment

Boost Production and Efficiency While Eliminating Unnecessary, Unscheduled Downtime

Conducting a comprehensive, on-site system evaluation allows us to identify inefficiencies, opportunities for improvement, and the cause of current or potential problems. By proactively identifying equipment that will soon need to be changed, you can be fully prepared to accomplish everything necessary during the next planned shutdown.

Expert Optimization Services

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