Rada Digital Faucets

Rada Digital Faucets

Product Specifications

Model Application Flow Capacity
MX1-20 Digital sink faucet with temperature control 1.05 gpm (4 lpm)
MX1-20NT Digital sink faucet 1.05 gpm (4 lpm)
MX1-40 Digital high sink faucet with temperature controls 1.05 gpm (4 lpm)
MX1-60 Digital wall mount faucet with temperature control 1.05 gpm (4 lpm)

Rada Digital Faucets

The Rada Digital Faucet is an ASSE 1070 certified Bluetooth programmable digital faucet for hands-free control of water temperature and flow.

Pre-set temperature and flow reduce water and energy usage and protects users from scalding eliminating the need for separate, under-sink mixing valves.

Digital duty flush limits waterborne pathogen growth and water usage.

Opportunities for cross contamination are decreased through hands-free digital controls

The collection of key statistical data on usage patterns supports necessary compliance with ASHRAE guidelines (Guideline 12-2000 and Standard 188-2018)