Steam-as-a-Service (SaaS) from Armstrong International does more than make it easier for you, it makes good financial sense.

If finding capital to replace your aging, inefficient infrastructure is a problem, SaaS has the solution. With SaaS, a state-of-the-art steam plant is delivered to your facility, with zero capital investment. We handle design, build, operations, administration, and insurance—all for a single, monthly fee. Our comprehensive service upends the model for steam generation and allows you to move steam from CapEx to OpEx, and realize significant savings from almost day one.

Only Pay for the Steam You Really Need

Old legacy boilers can take hours to reach full heat. That slow start, and the need for redundancy, often forces a facility to run its aging boilers constantly, making more steam than needed. SaaS eliminates the problem with a modular, small boiler system that reaches full heat in only five minutes. If you lose one unit, the remaining units keep you operational, and capacity can be scaled according to your changing needs—virtually eliminating costly redundancies.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

A sudden loss of steam can be a costly disaster, causing everything from shutdowns to total system replacement, and more. SaaS provides reliable steam generation for no up-front cost, so you can head off catastrophic failure and avoid the scramble for capital that often follows.

One Predictable Monthly Payment

Fluid or unexpected costs can disrupt even the best laid plans of any organization. SaaS takes that variable out of the equation by delivering steam for one predictable monthly payment, allowing you to plan your year with one less worry.

High Efficiency Means Lower Costs

With SaaS, steam is generated by highly efficient boilers that can cut fuel use by up to 20 percent.