Thermostatic Air Vent – TTF Series

Thermostatic Air Vent – TTF Series

Product Specifications

Series TTF
Capacities To 104 scfm
Maximum Allowable Pressure 300 psig @ 450°F (20 bar @ 232°C)
Body Material 304-L Stainless Steel
Maximum Operating Pressure 300 psig (20 bar)
Connection Type Screwed,
Connection Size 1/2″ (15 mm)
3/4″ (20 mm)

Thermostatic Air Vent – TTF Series

Armstrong offers thermostatic air vents for positive venting of air and other non-condensable gases from steam in chamber-type heat-transfer equipment. Typical applications include jacketed kettles, retorts, vulcanizers, jacketed sterilizers or other contained equipment where air could accumulate in remote areas of the steam chamber and reduce heat-transfer capacity. These vents are balanced pressure air vents that respond to the pressure-temperature curve of steam. Air is automatically vented at slightly below steam temperature throughout the entire operating pressure range.

  • Suitable for pressures from 0 – 300 psig
  • All 304-L stainless steel bodies—sealed, tamperproof
  • Balanced-pressure thermostatic element vents air at slightly below steam temperature over the entire pressure range—no adjustments required
  • Dependable, proven phosphor-bronze bellows caged in stainless steel with bronze valve and stainless steel seat. Available in straight-thru or right-angle connections

Armstrong thermostatic air vents should be installed at the highest point on a steam chamber, with the air vent located above the chamber. This will minimize the possibility of any liquid carryover, and air can be vented at atmosphere without a drain line.


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