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Discover the proven benefits of the industry’s most comprehensive steam trap management program—only from Armstrong International.

Our holistic, best-in-class trap management program is engineered to prevent water hammer and improve the safety and reliability of your steam system. We go beyond trap-by-trap replacement to deliver true visibility into the health of your entire steam system. Armstrong will provide you with an effective trap management solution for your specific industry and application .

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Whatever your industry, Armstrong’s holistic, best-in-class trap management program offers significant results.

  • Increased safety and reliability
  • Lower risk of water hammer
  • Higher efficiency
  • Cost avoidance
  • Reduced emissions
  • Less unplanned downtime

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Our Trap Management Program Covers It All

Armstrong’s trained experts are ready to provide you with a consultation and recommendations tailored to your needs. We offer trap testing, real-time monitoring, analysis, hardworking equipment, product optimization, education, and over a century of knowledge and experience.

SAGE® Smart Steam System Management

Manage and optimize your overall steam trap population through reporting and analysis. Increase safety as well as energy and cost efficiency.

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SAGE UMT® Automatic Steam Trap Tester

Simpler, faster, more accurate trap surveys. Detects traps in good, cold and blow-through condition.

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Armstrong Custom Piping Solutions

Engineered for easier maintenance, improved reliability and performance, increased safety, and quicker updates and changes.

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Wireless 24/7 Steam Trap Monitoring (SteamEye®, AIM®)

Sensors on critical steam traps connect directly into SAGE®, providing real-time alerts and notifications.

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Rugged, Dependable Steam Traps

Effective steam trapping for every application, industry and lifestyle of installation, backed by Armstrong’s outstanding technical support.

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Trained Specialists

Professionals, providing best-in-class knowledge, individual consultation and collaboration around the globe.

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Armstrong University Online Courses and Training

With over a century of thermal utility hands-on knowledge, we can provide customers with in-person or virtual courses and training.

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Armstrong University Online Courses

Ready to See the Difference More Effective Trap Management Will Make?

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