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Discover how to reduce steam loss and cut energy costs with proactive steam trap management that includes frequent testing and swift replacement.

With the rising cost of steam, quickly replacing your failed steam traps can save you thousands of dollars each year. Armstrong offers leading-edge technology, software, equipment and services for best-in-class steam trap management that can deliver a significant return on your investment, typically in 6 to 10 months—while helping you achieve your net-zero goal.

SAGE® Steam System Management software works hard to keep you fully updated so you can respond quickly to any failures.

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To estimate steam loss and cost avoidance, enter values into yellow cells. Calculation assumes drip application and 12 months in service.

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Up to 25 credits (1 credit per steam trap).

Armstrong’s powerful steam system management software provides state-of-the-art monitoring, measuring and documentation with regular updates, reports and alerts.