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Orifice Plates & Flanges

Orifice Plates & Flanges

Product Specifications

Accuracy ±1.0% to ±5.0%
Turndown Up to 10:1 turndown in flow
Operating Temperature -400°F to 1250°F (-240°C to 677°C)
Operating Pressure Dependent on material of construction
Line Size 1/2″ (12.7 mm) and above
Beta Ratio 0.30 to 0.75

Orifice Plates & Flanges

Orifice Plates are the most commonly used differential pressure measurement device and are applicable for measurements in gases, clean liquids, and low velocity steam.

Orifice plates allow for relatively easy installation and replacement if necessitated by changes in process parameters or life cycle deterioration.

Armstrong supplies components for a typical orifice meter installation including flange unions, gaskets, orifice plate, and appropriate pressure tap sets.

Armstrong manufactures the orifice plates under strict control with high quality in observation with ASME and ISO 9001 certification standards. The orifice plates also meet AGA, ISA, ANSI, and API applicable codes.

Nondestructive testing and special service options available.